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The Student Union is the largest student organization on campus, running independently under the instruction of the university Youth League committee, abiding by relevant laws and regulations. The Student Union serves for the benefits and improvement of students, acts as a bridge and bond between students and university authority. Initiating “self-education, self-administration, self-service and self-perfection”, the Student Union organizes various academic, cultural, sport activities as well as field trips according to students’ need, which helps students develop not merely academically but comprehensively. Our Student Union is a member of All-China Students Federation and holds deputy presidency of Hunan Students Federation.


Student clubs are voluntarily organized by students sharing interests and hobbies, aiming to hone both academic and practical skills, and to enrich campus culture. Students clubs continue and complement classroom learning, enhance students’ comprehensive abilities, help develop personalities, intensify friendship, and cultivate a sense of ownership. Up to now, we have more than 100 student clubs with more than 8,000 members. We have a Student Club Federation, in charge of the management and construction of clubs. We have an annual campus Student Club Month, participated by more than 20,000 students. Some of the clubs hold successful events and is influential in the society. Our major student clubs include:


Student Union of CSUFT

Greenary Evironmental Association

Society of Farmer-Agriculture-Countryside

Society of Wildlife Protection

Shuren Art Association

Association of Jurisprudence

Youth Volunteers Association

Association of New Hope

Association of Speech & Eloquence

OURS English Club

College Students’Press Corps

Volunteer Association for Alumni Affairs