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Representatives of our students participate in the National Agricultural and Forestry University Postgraduate Association Backbone Summit

  April 22, the backbone of the National Agricultural and Forestry University Graduate Association Summit held in the China Academy of Forestry Academic Lecture Hall. China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Agricultural University, Northeast Forestry University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Central South Forestry University, Southwest Forestry University and other major agricultural and forestry college graduate student representatives gathered in the Academy of Forestry, development of.  

  Liu Yuan-sheng, a graduate student representative of our school, was invited to attend the meeting and shared experiences on the organizational structure, organizational construction, departmental functions and special activities. 

  The representatives of the National Agricultural and Forestry University Graduate Students' Association in the in-depth exchange and communication, learn from each other's experience, learn from each other, and that the smooth organization of the summit not only colleges and universities to learn from each other work experience, enhance graduate students backbone integrated capacity, Exchange, and to strengthen the agricultural and forestry institutions to achieve mutual communication, learning, enhance their vitality is important. 

  (Text by/Liu Yuan Sheng and Chen Liang from graduate school .edit by/ Chen Zhe)