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President Liao Xiaoping led a delegation to visit the University of Bangor

  Invited by the University of Bangor, September 20-24, President Liao Xiaoping led a delegation to visit the University of Bangor. The delegation of six people, accompanied by Oliver Tenpel, Vice President of the University of Bangor, inspected the teaching and research units of the School of Marine Science, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Environmental Natural Resources and Geography, School of Business,and libraries , Bangor University Students' Federation, and other service support departments.experts and professors of Bangor University conducted a special talks with our delegation. In the meantime, Liao Xiaoping made a special trip to visit our first batch of undergraduate students at Bangor University, expressing his concern and encouraging them to study hard to win glory for the school.  

  During the visit, Prof. Liao Xiaoping, President of CSUFT and Prof. John Hughes, President of Bangor University, co-chaired the meeting of high-level joint management committee. The meeting examined more than ten topics and achieved substantive results in the following aspects: 1. Jointly signed Masters and PhDs Environmental science, accounting, finance, electronic information engineering, music, etc .; 2, the two sides jointly set up a joint research center in the other side, relying on the Center to jointly declare the two countries of the UK and China, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom, And international research fund projects and carry out cooperative research; 3, the joint development of young teachers in the post-doctoral and visiting scholars to cultivate; 4, to recruit overseas students and students across the campus to start a comprehensive study and internship; 5, Central South University of Forestry and Technology each year 6, to further strengthen the conditions of the construction of Bangor College, do a good job in 2017 the Chinese Ministry of Education acceptance and the 2018 British QAA certification preparation work; 7, the two sides to use Bangor University teachers to my school to teach in the University of Bangalore to learn Chinese; To carry out academic exchanges and joint research in the relevant disciplines of our university. 


  This visit led by Liao is a good opening and start for the school thirteen five-year plan, "comprehensive education reform program" proposed by the international work to promote education .It also has played a very important role for the school's future scientific research, personnel training, humanities Communication  

  Assistant Dean of Bangor College Yang Zhiqing, Director of Science and Technology Department Tang Xiaohong, Dean of Forestry College Li Jieping, Vice Dean of Graduate School Liu Gaoqiang, Deputy Director of Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Center He Xiaorong accompanied. (Text by / International Cooperation and Exchange Department. Edit by / Huang Liyun .Audit by/ Zhou yufen)