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President Liao Xiaoping meets with Mr. Chung Jae Nam



   May 26 afternoon,  Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Wuhan Mr. Chung Jae Nam and his entourages come to CSUFT for an official visit. President Liao Xiaoping met with Mr. Chung Jae Nam , accompanied by Vice President Yan Shuguang. 



  Liao Xiaoping briefed the guests students training ,  faculty cooperation ,scientific researches more than ten years between CSUFT and Korea relevant colleges and institutions, , as well as the development of Hunan Korean culture research and exchange center which is relying on our university  

  Mr. Chung Jae Nam fully affirmed our school in terms of educational and cultural exchange between Hunnan and Korea,with his own experience. On five aspects:how to strengthen cooperation between CSUFT disciplines and universities,research institutions in Korea, the Korean language teaching and the further development of Hunan Korean Cultural Research and Exchange Center, Overseas Korean students training, holding Korean educational and cultural exhibition in Changsha as well as the response to China's "rise of central China" strategy and cultivating Korean expertises for the Yangtze River economic belt construction, Mr. Chung Jae Nam  gives suggestions heartily. Liao Xiaoping give that a clear response. 



  After the meeting, Mr. Chung Jae Namg deliver a wonderful speech titled " history of  relations between China and Korea as well as  exchange and cooperation between Hunan and Korea"  in the school library auditorium, and has enthusiastic interaction with  present teachers and students  . More than 200 people include Korean professional teachers and students of Korea major of our school and teachers and students from other schools  attend the lecture.