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CSUFT held a cadre meeting to announce the dicision about adjustment of main leaders

   In the morning of April 5, our school held cadres of the General Assembly in which Mr.Zhang Hongyi ,the deputy inspector of the Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee announced the nominated decisions about the adjustment of our school’s principal leaders : Mr.Hu Changqing was appointed as  Party Secretary of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, and the foemer Party Secretary,Mr.Zeng Siqi ,was dismissed ;Mr.Liao Xiaoping was designated as deputy secretary of the Party Committee of CSUFT and principal, taking place of Mr.Zhou Xianyan.  Mr.Jiang Ming ,minister of Provincial Education Committee Organization Department,presided over the General Assembly Deputy ,and all the school leaders, all the school cadres of above vice-ministerial rank ,the people who are party representative ,NPC deputies and CPPCC members above city- level ,heads of  all the democratic parties in school, all the discipline leaders were present. 


Mr.Zhang Hongyi read out the provincial files and made a speech. He pointed out that the Provincial Party Committee's decisions were focused on integrating the construction of college leading groups throughout the province and the intensification of leaders’ exchanges.With full deliberation and prudent research,the decisions carefully took account of the actual needs for the development of CSUFT,which reflected that the Provincial Party Committee paid much attention to the construction of leadership of                      CSUFT. He fully affirmed the achievements of our school’s work in recent years,and he pointed out that these achievements symbolized the secretary ,Mr.Zeng Siqi’s and the principal ,Mr.Zhou Xianyan’s  wisdom and perspiration. 

  Mr.Zhang Hongyi indicated that Mr. Zeng Siqi with strong sense and cultivation of party spirit and overall awareness, devoted himself to the party's education.Familiar with the regularities of higher education and the work of party building in colleges and universities ,he ran the school with explicit principles , clear thinking,powerful leadership and coordination skills,as well as indefatigable diligence and considerable dedication.He united and led a team ,persisting in fast development, characteristic development, intensive development,and harmonious development, which gave rise to significantly improvement in educational quality and social influence . Mr.ZengSiqi highlighted the democracy, resolutely implementing principal accountability system under the leadership of the Party Committee,and he was loyal to his duty,upright, impartial ,which made him win everyone's respect and trust.Since he had been admitted to CSUFT, Mr. Zeng Siqi have never left for he has been engaged in teaching and research and administration after his graduation in our school,thus he had high academic attainments. Particularly,holding leadership positions such as Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Party Committee of the school for nearly 14 years, he devoted wholehearted enthusiasm to the school reform and development,made strenuous efforts for the education of the party and our country, and made indelible contributions to the construction and  development of CSUFT.  

  Mr.Zhang Hongyi said that Mr.With staunch political stance,strong sense of overall awareness and responsibility as well as clear thinking, Mr.Zhou Xianyan dare to forge ahead and obtain strong capacity to organize and take charge of the overall situation.  Ever since he served as president of CSUFT,in terms of  the new situation and tasks of higher education, Mr. Zhou Xianyan outlined the intensive development blueprint of our school, which based on the "four projects" ,aggressively planning reforms, strengthening connotation, enhancing the quality of education and raising the school characteristics and promoting the scientific development of every cause of our university.Mr. Zhou Xianyan have engaged in university management for a long period, and whatever he took up, the administration or research and teaching, he variably stuck to leading by example, being pragmatic and responsible.He was buried in the research and solution of practical problems, and the implementation of every work,making painstaking efforts and gigantic contributions to promoting school’s reform and development . 

  Finally,Mr. Zhang Hongyi wished that everybody should make thoughts and action consistent with the party spirit ,moreover he put forward four requirements for strengthening the construction of school’s leadership: first is to effectively enhance of the party building. In this year, we will focus on "two study and one action“,the two major events, education and Office-Tern Shift of the Party Committee. Second is to build effective planning and promote development.School should constantly deepen comprehensive reform,with which to ameliorate the level of school construction. Third is to strengthen the team unity which requires to maintain solidarity with cause and to guarantee solidarity with constitution. Finally is to adhere to the honest and upright and maintain a good image. Under the correct leadership of the provincial government, members of the party and government leadership will be able to unite and lead the school by boosting spirits and working together, pushing forward the school career. 

  Subsequently,Mr. Zeng Siqi,Mr.Zhou Xianyan respectively made an impassioned and sincere statement. 


  Mr.Zeng Siqi said in a statement, that he strongly supported the decisions of the provincial Party Committee, and sincerely welcomed Mr.Hu Changqing to work in our school ,besides,he would show firm maintenance,to secretary,Hu Changqing’s and president, Liao Xiaoping’s work. He fondly recalled the 38 years when he learned, worked and lived in the land , and took pride in his experience and witness of the school reform and development. He expressed his gratitude for the Party’s education and cultivation, as well as the members of the team, all the teachers and students for their trust, support, help, and understanding. After he retired from the administration, he would continue to do well in teaching and research work, and care about the school, support the school and keep on trying to make renewed efforts to school. 

  In his statment ,Mr.Zhou Xianyan said that strongly supported the decisions of the provincial Party Committee and congratulated Mr.Hu Changqing and Mr. Liao Xiaoping on their incumbency.Mr. Zhou Xianyan said that he came to this scool in 2005,and served as the principal in 2008.He was honored to sprinkle with sweat ,fly dreams, and spend the most important time in CSUFT. As the principal , supported by members of the team ,he positively explored and carried out the comprehensive reform,and went all out to promote healthy development of school education, as a consequence ,the school has made great strides. He expressed that the strong support from the staff and students of the whole school would be engraved on his heart .He wished that school can make further progress with the drive and effort of the new team. He said that ,after leaving the executive leadership position, would be,as always, concerned about and in favor of the school’s development. 


  In his inaugural address,Party Secretary Hu Changqing ,at the fist beging,thanked for the party's recognition and trust, in adition,for Mr.Zeng Siqi and Mr.Zhou Xianyan laying solid foundation for the development of the school. He pointed out that the provincial leaders construction and development showed great solicitude to the construction of CSUFT,and also put forward clear requirements. Under the background of "double top" strategy building in universities and colleges ,our school was in an important stage of development. He said that he would work with faculty,pushing our school to a higher level ,which was based on the present achievement.He made solemn commitment: First, he would be strict with himself without the desire of fame or fortune, bent on well running the school,and march forward courageously.Secondly,he would adhere to the right direction, according to the "double first-class" construction target requirements of higher education, ensure clear task path,and insist on development strategy.Thirdly, he would coordinate both inside and outside.With his advantages long-term work experience in organ and industry,he could strive for more social resources to develop our school . Fourth,he would act as a server to serve well for school teachers and students in teaching and research ,and respect the principal position of students and teachers in the school. 

  He also put forward three hopes for school officialsone is to put the general interests first,and to enhance the awareness of school honor. Second is to concentrate on the career.School should be imprinted in everyone’s heart, which should be regarded as get  big as heaven, as heavy as the Earth.Furthermore,there is necessary to enhance professionalism and responsibility, dedicating the construction and development of the school. Third is to build up solidarity which can be tough enough to get over any hazard. Working in union is conducive to write a new chapter for school development. 

  The headmaster,Mr. Liao Xiaoping initially thanked for the trust from Party orgnization and the staff  in his statement. He said that he had been to the school for ten years, when he and the stool were deeply linked and had cultivated the emotional dependency.Considering the glorious mission and eventful responsibilities loaded on his shoulder,he felt stressed;however, at the same time, he was full of longing and hope for the future development of the school. 

  He said that current China higher education development rendered five new normality, namely ,the connotative development which takes quality upgrade as the core, vitality release in the reform innovation, university’s management modernization which propelled by legal thinking,the government macro management and social participation in running schools, and university’s deep-open and introduce of education technology. School should seriously carefully think the four problems that are of far-reaching importance and prominent meaning to the future development First, who am I? That is the issue to fix the nature of university and orientation of CSUFT. Second, where do I come from? That is to tease out traditions ,sum up experience and highlight school’s characteristics from the nearly 60-year history of the school education.Third, where am I now? That is to identify our school among the provincial and industry universities, to recognize school's strengths and weaknesses, andthe correctly analysis the bottleneck that blocked school’s development.Four, where I want to go to?Namely, what is CSUFT aimed at?what is the blueprint for the future development of our school and what is the goal? How to achieve the vision and goal? How to pave the way for the future? In General, that is to strive for excellence and perfection. Mr.Liao Xiaoping said that school was in the key period of development,therefore, under the correct lead of provincial provincial government ,we have to   objectively and calmly analysis the situation with clear and transparent thought, and indomitable wills, robust strength, neat and nimble style. We need to take development as longitude, subject construction as latitude, regard quality improvement as the  theme, talent training as fundamental, view teachers and students as principal part, reform and innovation as power, and contain the realm that success doesn’t rely on a person, but everyone is obliged to make effort for it to properly tackle every task step by step .Finally, he made solemn commitments on his duty:  abiding by politics, orienting directions ,being disciplined ,being responsible ,underlining solidarity,seeking development ,being fair,advocating honesty. (Text/Zhou Yufen    Zou Min Han Xiaoyue  Editor/Huang Liyun Picture/Liu Kai )