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Bio Ethanol Research Center of National Forestry Bureau and Hunan Woody Biomass Conversion Engineering Technology Research Center Academic Committee and Seminar Held in CSUFT

      March 26, the bio ethanol research center of the State Forestry Bureau and Hunan Province woody biomass conversion engineering technology research center of the academic committee and seminar was held in the meeting room on the 6th floor of my school life science building.Academician Zhang Qisheng,Nanjing Forestry University academician; Researcher Chu Fuxiang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of forestry researcher;Researcher Ma Longlong, director of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences ;Researcher Jiang Jianchun, director of Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products CAF;Professor Chen Guanyi, dean of School of environmental science and engineering, Tianjin University.Professor Xiong Xingyao ,director of Hunan provincial Key Laboratory for germplasm innovation and utilization of crop in Hunan Agricultural University ;researcher Li Changzhu, dean of Hunan Academy of Forestry;Professor Jiang Jianxin director of Department of forest products and chemical engineering of Beijing Forestry University;Professor Zhao Yunlin, our university vice president,as well as the relevant departments and college responsible persons attended the conference.More than 50 teacher and student representatives from our school and  other Hunan provincial universities were present.

       Zhao Yunlin presided over the opening ceremony, and announced the center the first appointment list of the academic committee . Academician Zhang Qisheng, researcher Cu Fuxiang and Ma Longlong were appointed as chairmen.Researcher Jiang Jian, Professor Chen Guanyi, Professor Xiong Xingyao, researcher Li ChangZhu , Professor Jiang Jianxin , Professor Zhao Yunlin, Professor of Xiang Wenhua ,Professor Wu Yiqiang, Professor Chen Jienan were appointed as members of the first batch.researcher Wang Huifu was appointed as the general secretary. 

      Academician Zhang Qisheng presided over the academic committee. Professor Jie Nan Chen, director of the center,reported the progress and development planning of the center. The academic committee fully affirmed the achievements made by the center that accurately grasped four developing directions:the establishment of national strategic needs of bio energy, biological materials, bio chemical, biological environment.and some valuable suggestions were put forward about the center operation and management mechanism, platform construction and actively participate in local and national scientific and technological innovation and industrial development .The academic committee expressed their hope that the center can identify the industry development of key technical problems for research and development and make more breakthrough and innovation to promote the development of university academy, to strengthen school characteristics construction, to lead the relevant state industrial development . Zhao Yunlin sincerely thank the experts who put forward valuable suggestions which not only plays a key role in the development of center and planning but also of guiding significance in the school's overall layout and development. 

      Ma Longlong and Cu fuxiang gave academic reports "prospects for the development of biomass energy technology", "bio based materials 45 the strategy of scientific and technological innovation" respectively, focusing on the biomass energy and bio based materials in the field of domestic and foreign development status, existing problems, development trend, the national development plan during the "13th Five-Year", the highlights of scientific and technological innovation task, strategic initiatives and so on,which won the audience applause.Present experts,teachers and students conducted a heated exchange. (text / life science and Technology College)