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Professor Feng Zongxin from Tsinghua University invited to give lectures in CSUFT

The afternoon of April 14, professor Feng Zongxin from Tsinghua University was invited to give lectures in the school of Foreign Languages College. The theme of this lecture was "From the perspective of cognitive linguistics and literature interface”, which is the fifth lecture of "Dream of Red Mansions.Professional forum ”in 2016  Deng Lianjian, Dean of Foreign Languages College ,presided over the lecture.

Professor Zong Xin Feng employed cognitive linguistics as the breakthrough point, and made concise system combing about the rise of cognitive linguistics, development, influence and representative characters and carried on the discussion and the elaboration concerning the literary essence, pointing out that literary works include a range of complicated social, historical,cultural problems. Professor Feng narrated the relationship between linguistics and literature, especially the necessity and significance of study about Linguistics and literary interface.He advocated scholars in the professional literature to understand linguistics ,vice versa. Professor Feng was informative, using a lot of vivid cases  to demonstrate the wonders of linguistics and literature . More than 50 teachers and postgraduates from the school of foreign languages attended the lecture. Professor Hu Ping from our school of political science and Law and faculties and doctoral studentsfrom Hunan University, Central South University, Changsha University Of Science & Technology  also participated in.

Feng Zongxin:The Foreign Languages Department of Tsinghua University, Professor, doctoral supervisor. Beijing University doctorate (1998), Beijing Foreign Studies University postdoctoral (1998-2000); Harvard University senior visiting scholar (2003-2004), Cambridge University visit scholars (2007), the University of California at Berkeley fubb Wright project researchers (2009-2010)

Had Published 7 original papers in international journals like Semiotica (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter)Language and Literature (London: Sage Publications)Narrative (Ohio State University Press)Neohelicon (Dordrecht: Springer)Perspectives: Studies in Translatology (London: Routledge)Journal of World Languages (London: Routledge)

And five of them were SSCI and a & HCI indexed; more than 20 thematic research papers published in the United States ,other abroad and domestic international conferences ;published more than 20 papers in core journals< foreign language teaching and research >, < foreign literature >, < literary theory frontier >, < Chinese Translation > and < foreign language >, < language >, < Foreign Language Journal > and so on . His works include< literary discourse pragmatic stylistics Research > (Tsinghua University Press), < linguistics theories and schools of > (coauthored with Liu Runqing, Nanjing Normal University Press), < modern linguistic schools introduction > (Beijing University Press); translated books including Western Gothic fiction classic < Oatlands Castle >, the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard anthology < either >, Scientific American interesting mathematical series < paradox and falsehood > and < maze and magic square > and so on.

 Part-time job: vice president of China stylistics will; vice president of the cognitive poetics research will ; National social science fund projects and achievements appraisal communication judge; judges of the humanities and social sciences fund project of Ministry of education; national study fund expert review committee; Beijing City Social Science Fund project judges and project planning expert guide; the United States Embassy Cultural Exchange program invited experts; the English innovation contest expert committee director. (text / Foreign Language Institute Liao Cong editor / Huang Liyun)