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Leibniz Universität Hannover scholars visit CSUFT for academic exchange


  With the invitation of College of Life Science and Technology ,CSUFT,Huitong Long-term Ecological Research Station for Chinese Fir Plantations , and Southern Forest National Engineering Laboratory for Applied Ecology, Professor Georg Guggenberger and Dr. Olga Shibistova of Leibniz University of Hannover came to our school for academic exchange on October 16. 



  During the visit, Professor Georg Guggenberger and Dr. Olga Shibistova separately gave two academic lectures each entitled " Dynamics of dissolved organic matter in permafrost soils "and" Atmosphere-plant-soil carbon exchange in subtropical montane forest ",focusing on the latest \ progress of some researches that concerning dynamic variation of soil dissolved organic carbon , microscopic mechanism of soil organic carbon and mineral interactionexchange of soil - plant - atmosphere carbon .Further, they made in-depth exchanges and discussions on the lectures with the faculty and students of college of Life Science and Technology present . 



  Professor Georg Guggenbergeru is the current holder of the Institute of Soil Science, Leibniz Universität Hannover, vice-Chairman of Soil Science Society of Germany, the trial specialist of Assessment Committee of DFC and so on. He is mainly engaged in the research of soil organic matter and mineral soil organic matter interactions and other aspects of the stabilization process,.His researches closely integrate the most advanced spectroscopic and microscopic spectroscopy, Bio-maker ,laboratory and Field trials of stable isotope techniques. 

  Dr. Olga Shibistova mainly engaged in research at different scales of carbon cycling in terrestrial ecosystems.His methodologies include a gas chamber closed and open exchange of measurement techniques, eddy-related applications.