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The Voice of China Flies in CSUFT

On August 10th,the students ofthe Voice of China landing in ChangshawithVoice of China E-surfing Fly Young Concerts in One Hundred City”, come to CSUFT and shows an enthusiastically performance in Sports and Art Center.


A large group of student, in the first quarter of the Voice of China who bravely pursue their dreams, brings a musical party for more than 6,000 fans present, including Zhang Wei,a master in treble;Wang Naien,conquering four mentors with Listen;Quan Zhendong,singing with deep and stable intonation;Wang Ke,who is given the title of“Xiu Wang” with his outstanding performance and Duo Liang,the newly emerging powerful singer.

The One Hundred Concert aims at transmitting music power to every part of China, communicating with the youth with passionate words, and inspiring young people by telling them the story of their struggling process on the road to realize musical dreams. The ultimate goal of the concert is to help more young people realize musical dreams, encourage them to believe miracles and bravely pursue their own musical dreams. (Venues Management Center Mo Jiaming)