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National Key Disciplines国家重点学科

Forest Cultivation, Timber Science & Technology,  Ecology



Key Discipline of the State Bureau of Forestry(国家林业局重点学科)

Ecology, Timber Science &Technology,Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products, Forestry Protection



Key Disciplines of Hunan Province(湖南省重点学科)

Biology, Ecology, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Forestry engineering, Environment science & engineering, Food science & engineering,  Landscape architecture,  Forestry, Business management, Design science



National Field Observation and Experiment Station(国家重点野外科学观测实验站)

Hunan Huitong Cunninghamia Lanceolata National Level Field Observation and Experiment Station



National Engineering Laboratory(国家工程实验室)

National Engineering Laboratory of South China Forestry Ecology Applicable Technologies

National Engineering Laboratory for Further Processing of Grains



Key Laboratory of State Educational Ministry(教育部重点实验室)

Economic Forestry Cultivation and Protection Laboratory



Key Laboratory & Research Center of State Forestry Administration(国家林业局重点实验室与研究中心)

Forest Breeding and Cultivation Laboratory

Biothanol Research Center of State Forestry Administration 



Key Laboratory of Hunan Province(湖南省重点实验室)

Urban Forest Ecology Laboratory, Grain and oil Deep Processing and Quality Control Laboratories, Integrated Management of Insect Phylogeny and Laboratory, Soil & Water Pollution Control and Resources Laboratory, Subtropical Forest Ecology Laboratory, Forestry Biotechnology Laboratory, Biocomposite Laboratory



Engineering Research Center & Industrial Design Center of Hunan Province(湖南省工程(工业)研究(设计)中心)

Furnishings Furniture Designing Center of Hunan Province

Bamboo Engineering Research Center of Hunan Province

Bamboo Processing Engineering Research Center 



Research base of Hunan Province湖南省高校哲学社会科学重点研究基地)

Research Base for Sustainable Tourism Development in Hunan

Agricultural &  Economics and Management Research Center